Brief Description

1. PRICE - Billed every 12 months




Training Peaks custom plan with weekly reviews.

Basic Account

File reviews on Mondays

1 Videocall per month

Strength routines

Racing tips by email

5% OFF ¡We are friends!


Premium Training Peaks Premium with 3 revisions per week.

Premium Account

Reviews on Mondays - Wednesdays - Fridays

1 Videocall per week

Strength routines

1 Video analysis per month

Racing plan for A races in PDF

Shared folder with season data in PDF

10% OFF ¡We are friends!


Daily feedback, unlimited modifications and full data analysis.

Premium Account

Daily reviews except Sundays

Unlimited videocalls

Weights plan

Unlimited video analysis

Exhaustive analysis for all races

Shared folder plus final season report

Fatigue and cardiac decoupling studies

20% OFF ¡We are friends!

FAQ - Technical questions about our Training Plans

We use the APP Training Peaks which has desktop and mobile versions. Your athlete account will be synchronized with the coach, so every update is applied instantly.

All training plans are delivered 15 days ahead so the athlete can see properly the next especific steps. Within that 15-day window, we post the next 4 weeks of trainings.

Training Peaks is also used to design your ATP – Anual Training Plan, review your recent data in a Dashboard, plus provide feedback throught the comments section in each training window.

Each plan has file reviews of the trainings completed on determined days. The coach connects once every day at Training Peaks to provide feedback and make modifications. Even if the athlete doesn’t ask, the coach can provide feedback for a session. We take good care of our athletes. 

For example, an athlete on a Starter Plan can write on each workout post-comment and the coach will answer every Monday in bulk. A Platinum athlete has answers in less than 24h. If you look for something in betweeen, the Advanced Plan is a good value choice as provides feedback 3 times per week.

Every day the coach makes some videocalls with the athletes. For organizational purposes there is an internal booking system to request those calls. The Starter Plan offers 1 videocall per month, the Advanced Plan offers 1 weekly call, while the Plantinum Plan is an unlimited service from Monday to Saturday.

Of course! We often review the intensities and use the naming of the tier selected.

Yes we do! Usually the athletes on the Starter Plan need simple routines for a day to day basis, while our Platinum athletes follow a weights program to increase the performance on race day, which requires at the same time a stronger commitment from the athlete side.

Everyone receives racing tips, a checklist and time&pacing forecasting. 

While the Starter plan gets it through comments or the monthly videocall, the resolution increases on a Platinum with a detailed PDF, even a simulation on the bike profile thanks to Best Bike Split.

Yes it is, because the athlete account is yours and the data is pulled from your recording devices as Garmin, Suunto or Polar. 

Your data is stored in the device website, then travels to Training Peaks, then is matched to the coach account. If at some point the connection with the coach account is broken, your original files are safe. Some old matched sessions and comments might dissapear in the worst scenario, but never your volume history or achievements 🙂

The Advanced and Platinum services also offer an extra “old school” shared folder with the coach notes in PDF that makes during the season about your personal best times, training zones, pacing, studies and many more. Platinum athletes receive a final season report each December. 

FAQ - Pricing questions about our Training Plans

In order to ensure that the athlete receives the online sessions with enough time, the charge is made 15 days in advance of the next month.

It’s a monthly suscription.

Of course! We prefer that the athletes start on a 1st or 15th day of month. Then we can set your final month of training in advance. 

Please fill the contact form with relevant information that we should know, to guide you through the best option. 

Then we will set a videocall to make sure that we both athlete/coach are a good match! 

In the last step you will receive our agreement to sign, complete the first payment and finally we are ready to start!

We are friends! Is a discount program for friends that have a similar level and signed for the same race as a goal for the season. Or just want to follow exactly the same training plan.

The coach creates a common training plan for the group of friends >2. 

    • A “captain” sends the details for the trainings design: races, sports on especific days, etc…
    • The coach builds and sends the training plan to all athletes.
    • The coach provides feedback according to the tier selected: Starter – Advanced – Platinum.
    • The coach sets individual training zones and recommendations, works the same way as individual athletes.
    • But the coach just makes group training modifications. The personal lifestyle does not apply, but… the athletes are free to exchange training sessions in close days. The coach can link sessions once they’ve been done.

Each tier explains the maximum discount that the athletes can get. All the athletes must be in the same tier group and subscription.

For example, all athletes in Advanced and monthly plan.

Just tell the coach that you don’t wish to continue, before that you are billed for the next month. 

Usually we know the decision with weeks in advance, because the relationship with our ahtletes is excellent and we continue providing the service until the last day of service, not when a cancellation is required.

Debit/Credit card is the main method of payment through a secure platform as Stripe.

Sometimes your card can be declined for different reasons as receiving a new card from the bank, or surpassing the monthly expend limit. 

In that case, you will receive an email from Stripe to update your payment details. With Stripe you also have access to a user zone with your last invoices.

FAQ - Privacy agreement and Copyright of our Training Plans

  • We link our Coach TP account to your Athlete TP account throught the APP. We don’t need to know your username/password.
  • We don’t need your Garmin / Suunto / Polar / Strava credentials.
  • We can see the tracks and courses completed for a training the same way that you can. If you want to keep that hidden, you should record the activities as “indoor”.
  • Obviously we keep a strict confidential relationship with our clients. We don’t say who they are, we don’t say what they do, we don’t say their results, unless that you want to make public that we coach you.

We focus in delivering training plans and communicate with the athletes. 

We don’t show names in our publications unless our athletes tag or mention us because they are proud of a result. 

Your development will remain as private as you want. Of course we are happy if you publish good vibes about our coaching.

A custom training plan is dynamic while the athlete needs regular modifications and adaptations. The plan at some point can look with uncompleted training sesions moved forward to recover with the drag&drop function of Training Peaks.

A training plan is considered from “today” to a future. Every past day is due, and that content is property of TRIMAX.

Although the data will remain in the calendar, the coach keeps the right to modify or alterate past content while the athlete will always keep his/her training files, even if the accounts are unmatched. 

In conclusion, we are not delivering a structured book for unlimited use. We deliver daily coaching, data analysis and advice. 

In the same line, we don’t intent to provide tuition and theoretical aspects like a physical activity degree or coaching certifications. We provide the result.

To build custom training plans requires knowledge and a lot of effort. We keep your privacy the same way we ask to keep our work also private 1-on-1 athlete/coach.

The training plans can not be shared, emailed, printed or delivered to a third party without express authorization. 

A violation of this term can lead into an early service termination without any compensation for the remaining of subscription period.

While an athlete is following our coaching plans, we prefer to keep our work private. Please do not add directly other coaches without asking for permission. 

If some other coaches are added to the account, they should fill and sign a privacy and copyright statement.