Apply the same layout as your coach is using.

Training Peaks offers multiple ways to configure our training zones, or how the data should be presented. 
If you want to set the fields like your coach, copy the settings of this guide.

Training Peaks Zones

When working with a coach is better to leave the zones configuration to us, so you can skip this part 🙂 

For your information, we can set up this training zones:

  • Heart rate: for running, cycling or other sports.
  • Power: for cycling but also for running if you have a Stryd or a power meter pod.
  • Speed/pace: for running, swimming. Some athletes have speed zones for cycling just to have time estimations for long rides.

We turn off ahtlete notifications and the option “automatically apply new threshold changes”, because some most of the times those changes are lead by power or HR spikes. So we need to clean the wrong spikes from the workout files and decide if the upgrade is deserved. 

It also means that some athlete accounts connected to us with years of data need some attention to clean the past workouts that have not been monitored by a coach before.

We adapt the zones labels to each athlete! An athlete starting will have fewer zones for simplicity and advanced athletes have more zones with phisilogical targeting.

Training Peaks Layout

Some of these settings are important for the workouts compliance color code Green-Yellow-Red. That your coach sees a green workout it doesn’t mean the same for the athlete (maybe it’s yellow). To solve this isue and other tricks copy&paste our configuration in your athlete settings. 

We set this for the athlete during the activation process of an athlete that signed for a custom training plan with us.

1. Layout / Default view.
We recommend to select the calendar view as a default, instead of the home view. It saves you a click each time that you open the APP.
Move the highlighted available items to "In use", while placing them in the correct order. 

This corresponds to what you see in the main calendar view for all the workouts shown.

2. Layout / Calendar.
Keep the compliance color setting (Green-Yellow-Orange-Red) for completed workouts.
Move TSS to first position: with this setting we priorize the completion of the workout load over the duration and distance for each workout. 
If a workout can't generate a TSS automatically, then the duration will set the rule for the color code.
  • Each workout within a 20% deviation will be assigned with a green background.
  • If you did less than planned, it is shown yellow.
  • If you did more than planned, turns orange.
  • A non completed workout will be marked in red.
3. Layout / QuickViews.

When opening Bike class workouts, the information displayed on the left Planned/Completed columns follows this setting.

The lower configuration Min/Avg/Max stands for the "Analyze view" of a workout.

We recommend to apply the items sorted as in the example.

Now it's the turn for the Run workouts. 

The main settings TSS/Duration/Distance/IF are the same, but we apply a slightly different configuration for this sport.

Also the Min/Avg/Max settings are quite different. 


The swim workouts are also keeping the main part of TSS/Duration/Distance/IF, but we select specific items for this sport.

Just copy&paste our proposal.

The Metrics window has lots of items to choose from.

We recommend to select those ones with the exception of men that won't need the menstruation information.

You can also add others if you think that can provide useful information.

4. Layout / Week Summary.
We use all the options for the Week Summary, which is the right lateral bar that you can show/hide in the Calendar view.

We hope that our guide helped setting your athlete configuration.

Please contact us for doubts, we look forward to help you!

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Training Peaks also has a user guide, you can also take a look! 

Are you still training alone without a coach? Please consider our plans we can be a great time savers 🙂