The Free plan is the best way to discover our methodology!

Our 7-day free trial is guided by Training Peaks RPE, which is an effort scale from 1 to 10. We found this setting the best way to start with our trainings smoothly. 

After completing the first sessions the coach is able to set a first version of your training zones. In our regular training plans, the sessions are guided by @pace, @heartrate and @power.

Click on the "Subscribe" button for the free plan and follow the instructions of the check out page. The email that you use for the registration gives access to a user area where you can upgrade to a plan, add/remove a credit card and cancel subscriptions.

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FAQ - Technical questions

We use the APP Training Peaks which has desktop and mobile versions. Your athlete account will be synchronized with the coach, so every update is applied instantly.

All custom plans are delivered 15 days ahead so the athlete can see properly the next especific steps. Within that 15-day window, we post the next 4 weeks of trainings.

Training Peaks is also used to design your ATP – Anual Training Plan, review your recent data in a Dashboard, plus provide feedback throught the comments section in each training window.

Each plan has file reviews of the trainings completed on determined days. The coach connects once every day at Training Peaks to provide feedback and make modifications. Even if the athlete doesn’t ask, the coach can provide feedback for a session. We take good care of our athletes. 

For example, an athlete on a Starter Plan that comments trainings will be answered every Monday in bulk. A Platinum athlete has answers in less than 24h. If you look for something in betweeen, the Advanced Plan is a good value choice as provides feedback 3 times per week.

Every day the coach makes some videocalls with the athletes. For organizational purposes there is an internal booking system to request those calls. The Starter Plan offers 1 videocall per month, the Advanced Plan offers 1 weekly call, while the Plantinum Plan is an unlimited service from Monday to Saturday.

Of course! Even the Free Plan offers a complimentary first version of your training zones after the trial period. The rest of the plans offer more definition as you advance on the training programs. 

Yes we do! Usually the athletes on the Starter Plan need simple routines for a day to day basis, while our Platinum athletes follow a weights program to increase the performance on race day. 

Everyone receives racing tips, a checklist and time&pacing forecasting. 

While the Starter plan gets it through comments or the monthly videocall, the resolution increases on a Platinum with a detailed PDF, even a simulation on the bike profile thanks to Best Bike Spliit.

Yes it is, because the athlete account is yours and the data is pulled from your recording devices as Garmin, Suunto or Polar. 

Your data is stored in the device website, then travels to Training Peaks, then is matched to the coach account. If at some point the connection with the coach account is broken, your original files are safe. Some old matched sessions and comments might dissapear, never your volume history or achievements 🙂

Plus the Advanced and Platinum services offer an extra “old school” shared folder with the coach notes in PDF that makes during the season about your personal best times, training zones, pacing, studies and many more. Platinum athletes receive a final season report each December.